Who says cheerleading's not a sport??? Check out what these athletes do and then say that again...GO AHEAD...I DARE YOU!

Welcome to SyNePRO Multimedia (pronounced sin·a·pro).

This site is where I put all those photos and videos I shoot throughout the cheerleading competition season for the FREE viewing enjoyment of these cheerleaders and their families. I do not shoot these photos or videos for commercial purposes, nor do I accept any payment for shooting or sharing them. We HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER do that. I put all this content under the SyNePRO/MNJ Digital umbrella simply for legal/liability reasons, not to create any commercial value.

I have been a cheer parent for more than 20 years, and make no mistake - we protect our kids.

  • All galleries are password-protected, locking out unfriendly or prying eyes, search engines, automated image collection, and direct social media sharing.
  • Only our families are granted access, and passwords are changed regularly.
  • Images and videos may be watermarked for identification purposes.
  • All photo/video shooting is done in accordance with that event producer's instruction.
            — I only go where permitted.
            — I try very hard to not obstruct anyone's view.
            — If the producer says no video, then I don't.
            — I abide by staff instructions.
            — If team photo/media credentials are available, I apply for them and abide by their requirements.
  • I never live-stream.

  • We do this for our cheerleaders and their families because we want them to be able to enjoy and participate in their performances live, knowing that there will be photos or video that they can go back and learn from, share with their families, and enjoy again. Many of these images may be downloaded for personal use by these athletes and their families and printed or posted (in a POSITIVE context, and with proper permissions) FREE OF CHARGE. Again, for Personal Use Only. Others are protected, however and must be requested in writing. Videos are protected, not downloadable, for viewing here only, and MAY NOT be used elsewhere.

    Cheerleaders and parents:

    — Any use of these images in a NEGATIVE or ABUSIVE context will not be tolerated. SPORTSMANSHIP MATTERS!
    — BEFORE posting images of ANYONE other than yourself, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get permission from everyone in that image. That legal reqirement is on the person doing the social media posting, regardless of their age.
    — None of this material may be used for commercial or any money-making purpose without specific written permission of MNJ Digital Group LLC.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the show.
    Mark Newland

    All material on this site remains the exclusive property of MNJ Digital Group LLC. Usage by authorized persons must be in accordance with these Terms of Use (shown above).

    Copyright 2017 MNJ Digital Group LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    To download a photo: Double-click on the image in a gallery, and it will fill your window. At the bottom right corner you will see a "down arrow" icon and a "multi-page" icon. Clicking on the multi-page icon lets you select the image size/quality you want. The down arrow icon will start the download of the image to your computer.

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